Epic-PK an advanced RSPS for all types of players! Challenging PvM, fun minigames, amazing PvP combat & much more!

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Amazing, fun & hard PvM

Epic-PK provides a large range of different bosses throughout the game. You can take on the dangerous king black dragon or even fight the feared godwars generals. Unlike other servers PvM has been made a challenge; almost all of the Epic-PK bosses are very powerful and requires a team to be killed efficiently!

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Skilling in Epic-PK has always been a way of income & fun. The Epic-PK skillzone is an area where you and your friends can have fun; even if you are not training the same skill! Further most skills in Epic-PK provides a pretty neat income. You may fish for the most crunchy, tasty and last but not least expensive fish; the rocktail or perhaps you want to slay a large range of creatures for their special and expensive loot!

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Wilderness & PvP

Epic-PK does not only provide the standard wilderness arena, but we also provide a secondary world dedicated to PvP. Here you can receive special and rare drops based on your risk and you can fight all over the world of Epic-PK with a few exceptions such as banks. The PvP world also allows you to fight players up to twelve levels under or above you; no longer necessary to run up half of the wilderness to fight your opponent!

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